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ORANGE Standard pedestrian badge with charger

Badge pieton standard

The IP54 pedestrian badge is an electronic marker that can be worn on the neck, on the belt or in a closed pocket
. When a cart (or machine) equipped with PROXIPI FIRST® or FLEX® enters the area of
detection, the 2 vibration and sound alerts of the badge are triggered. This double alert allows
make sure the pedestrian will be warned. The detection zone can be programmed directly on the
badge. Thus each badge has its own detection distance.
Power supply by rechargeable L / ION battery
Charging by Micro USB
Dimensions: 95 x 65 x 25 mm - Weight: 90g
Autonomy: 5 days standby - 2 hours of alerts
IP 54 rating
Zone adjustment: 1 to 15 meters
Wearing: neck strap / belt clip / helmet holder

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